How To Fix TV Problems - All TV Defect Solutions

In today's modern world every home needs a TV. It is considered the most important source of entertainment. As you know TV is a source of entertainment, if something goes wrong with it, it can cause us trouble.

TV problems solutions
Television Malfunction 


In today's article we will help you find solutions to all kinds of TV problems.

If your television has any kind of malfunction, select the following malfunction, as you click, you will get the full details. 

We've been collecting this information for years, and sharing it with you, so that you can be guided by it.

The problems that occur to television are as follows.

All common LCD TV malfunctions and faults and how to fix them.

All LCD TV universal tv card,s firmwares and software files.


All LCD TV keys locked - tv lock fix without remote control.

How to unlock a tv without a remote control -keys locked on TV and unlock LED TV buttons.

All LCD TV factory reset - TV, LED TV, LCD TV factory setting reset default.

How to set up parental controls on my TV  - How to use parental controls on all Smart TV.

How to access Samsung service menu without remote Control-A Smart Setting.

If the TV does not turn on, how to fix it - Fix A TV.

Videocon television factory settings reset and open service menu.

All LCD/LED TV service mode codes - TV'S service mode methods Part 1.

All LED/TV/LCD service menu codes - factory settings codes Part 2.

How to check broken or not working remote control - How to fix not working remote control.

LG TV service menu codes - How to access lg tv service menu hidden features.

How to access elekta tv service menu - factory reset procedure and codes.

How To Access Konka TV Service Menu - Konka LED TV factory reset procedure and codes.

Beston TV factory settings reset procedure - Beston LCD/LED TV service menu codes.

Samsung TV problems - How to solve Samsung television obstacles.

Input Source Menu Not Show On TV, how to fix this problem.

Hard factory reset on Android TV without remote control.

How To Unlock A TV and LCD Without A Remote Control.

How To Update LG TV and Sony TV Firmware Manually.

OPTIK TV Parental Control Block / Unblock Program and Channels.

TV Picture Settings - All TV Picture Adjustment.

Keys Locked on all TV and LCD - Remove Key Lock On All TV.

Hidden Service Menu Codes For Samsung, Sony, LG - Secret Service Menu Codes List.

How To TV and LCD TV Hard Factory Settings Reset.

Forget TV and LCD TV PIN Codes, How To Reset Television Without PIN or Password.

TV Service Menu - What Is Service Menu And How To Open Service Menu On TV and LCD TV.

How to Sharp Television factory settings reset and service menu codes.

How to Coby Television Hard Reset and Access Service Menu.

How To Open Factory Settings Menu On All TV, LCD and LED TV.

How To Access Element TV Secret Service Mode/menu.

Service Mode Codes For Sony TV, LCD/LED TV, How to open Factory Setting Menu on Sony smart TV.

How to Shield TV and LCD TV Factory Settings Reset default.

How To Factory Settings Reset On Vizio TV Without A Remote Control.

How To Hard Factory Reset On LG Smart TV Without A Remote Control.

How to factory settings reset on Haier TV and LCD TV.

How To Open Samsung Television Hidden Service Mode.

How To Open Samsung Television Settings Menu.

How To Sony TV Child Locked Fix.

How To Factory Settings Reset On Philips TV Without A Remote Control.

How To Unlock LED/LCD TV'S Key Lock Without A Remote Control.

Samsung Smart TV Hard Reset - How TO Factory Reset Default On Samsung TV.

3 Methods : Without Remote TV Keys Unlock, how to fix TV and LCD TV key panel lock problem.

How To Factory Settings Reset On Portal TV - Portal TV Hard Reset.

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