How to access service mode on Samsung TV and LCD

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This article completely guides how to access service mode on all Samsung TVs, LCD, LED, and Smart TV.

Service mode provides a large collection of hidden features, like parental controls, hotel mode, and factory settings menu.

Samsung world famous electronic company, and Samsung TV is very popular nowadays.


In this article we discussed about Unique codes and methods for accessing service mode on Samsung TV, these codes known as service menu codes.

After opening service mode we perform factory settings reset on Samsung TV and LCD TV.

The service menu is also used for unlocking panel key lock or keys lock on Samsung TV. In this article complete the procedure on how to access the service menu and how to perform a factory reset on all Samsung devices.

Questions About Samsung TV:

1. How do we get to the service menu on Samsung TV and LCD TV.

2. How do we get to the Samsung hidden service menu.

3. How do we start Samsung service mode.

4. Is there a reset button on Samsung TV And LED TV.

5. How do we reset my TV to factory settings.

6. How to reset Samsung LED TV network settings.

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Topics Covered:

1. Samsung LED TV service menu codes.

2. Samsung smart TV service menu expert.

3. Samsung LED TV Service Mode.

4. Samsung smart LED TV hidden features.

5. Samsung service menu advanced features.

6. Samsung service mode settings.

7. Samsung TV factory reset without a remote control.

8. Samsung LCD TV factory reset codes.

9. Factory reset Samsung LCD TV with remote control.

10. Factory reset Samsung LCD TV without PIN

11. Samsung hospitality LCD TV reset.

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